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Between the ages of 12 and 15 I was put in the position of exercising and swimming nude
under the supervision of women with girls present not nude. It was at a YMCA in Texas in 70s.
Most of the time my swimming instructors were male. Women staff and mom's would be there.
The girls pool was right next to ours but they wore suits.
When I was 14 our coach left and the girls coach took over for four months. She exercised us naked including jumping jacks, which I hated but had to do it as all boys.

I hated swimming naked in front of a bunch of girls and even other guys.
It was ridiculous to me that we could not wear trunks. The girls wore suits. I think this was a perversion on the part of male teachers in the sixties.


70年代にテキサスのYMCAでした。 ほとんどの場合、私の水泳インストラクターは男性でしたが、


私はたくさんの女の子や他の人の前で裸で泳ぐのが嫌いでした。 水着が着れなかったのはばかげていました。 女の子は水着を着ていたのに。 これは60年代の男性教師の性的倒錯だったと思います。

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Dreaded "Family Night" at the Y

Taken from Yahoo! - Omaha community blog

William Casey, Omaha, NE 2003

I grew up near downtown Omaha in the 1950s. I believe it was about 1952 when I was just about to turn 13,
my mom insisted I take the YMCA class for boys to learn to swim.
The downtown Y was the old one prior to moving to 20th Street in 1969. It was a cold building and I remember constantly shivering,
which was worsened by having to swim in the nude,
which was typical of all YMCA classes for boys back then. Although I was well into puberty,
my smaller size for that age put me in the swim class with the 11 and 12-year-olds,
which was fine for me as I was the biggest in the group.

Swimming bare-assed naked in those swim classes was not such a big deal, particularly since a lot of us didn't have swimming trunks.
But what I and the other boys were not prepared for was the final day when we were to be tested for our YMCA swimming badge.

Notifications were sent to all families such that they could come and watch their boys earn their certificates.
My father was overseas due to the war, and mom worked nights, so I was alone
Perhaps it was due to the younger age group I was assigned, but no one saw any issue with us
boys marching out into the pool area stark naked with all the boys' families in the bleachers watching.

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As I walked into the pool area, I was horrified to see the sisters of some of the boys that were actually in my 7th grade class staring right at me.
Upon seeing me standing there facing them completely naked,
one giggled and elbowed another and when their eyes dropped down to look at my genitals, I swear I wanted to run back into the locker room.
Unfortunately, we had a gruff instructor who yelled constantly,
and the last think I wanted was the added humiliation of him harshly scolding me as I stood there in the nude in front of these girls.
He even had us line up for roll call between the bleachers and the pool with all the boys standing at attention
facing the families that came, who were packed in the bleachers like sardines. So I bucked up and stood there facing
these girls just a few feet in front of me as the looked down to see me in all my glory.
And rather than allowing the boys to get into the water to preserve whatever dignity was left,
he told us to continue to stand by the pool as each group of boys completed their swimming tests.
Thank God I passed as it would have been salt in the wound to have the added humiliation of failing my test in front of the girls.

I saw the girls later in school, and although there were some smiles like a sly cat, no one ever mentioned it.
I still can't understand why families were allowed into the pool area, but things were very different in those days.
Boys openly being seen nude almost common back then, not like it is today. Regardless, it was every bit as embarrassing for me then.

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1950年代、私はオマハのダウンタウン近くで育ちました。 1952年頃だったと思いますが、
ダウンタウンのYは、1969年に20th Streetに移転する前の古いものでした。


父は戦争で海外におり、母は夜勤のため、私は一人でした。 年齢層が低かったせいか、観客席で家族が見守る中、全裸でプールサイドに行進しても、誰も問題視しませんでした。




なぜ生徒の家族がプールエリアに入れるのか理解できませんでしたが、当時は男の子の裸を堂々と見ることができ、今とは違いました。 とても恥ずかしかったです。

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Post 8-11:

I just came across this group and it brought back memories that I thought I had filed and forgotten years ago.
I am ancient, I'm sure, compared to most posters here,
but I recall back in the 1950s when I was about eight or nine being taken by my mother to a "Y" in a small suburb of New York City.
It may have been White Plains, N.Y.,but that detail is foggy to me.

I do remember my shock at meeting the instructor (a woman whom I thought then to be very old but in fac
t was probably in her early to mid-20s) and being told the rule was the boys would take class naked.
The teacher wore a one-piece, black bathing suit.
She apologized to my mother that since there had been a drop in the number of students recently,
I would be in a mixed-age class, ranging from as young as six to as old as 14.
My mother thought that would be okay and we returned next week for the first class. I went into the locker room alone
-- some of the other younger boys were accompanied by their mothers. My mother had to leave and
I was picked up after the lesson by my father.
It was a small Y with a small locker room and there was no way to undress out of sight of the 4 or 5 mothers in the room.
One of them, I recall, much to my horror,
felt her son's body (he was about 7) all over when he was naked,
almost like a judge at a dog show (my father both showed and judged at dog shows,
so I was aware of the drill.) It may have been my imagination,
but she seemed to spend an inordinate amount of time checking his penis and scrotum.
Then the instructor marched in and blew a whistle, and said in a loud voice
that it was time for class to begin. We all marched in (about 12 of us, mostly young,
but one 14 year-old who maintained an erection as went into the pool area.) We lined up, more or less according to height,
in front of the instructor near the edge of the pool.

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We were facing the four rows of benches that lined one wall of the pool area for spectators.
I was stunned to see at least eight adult women in the stands and about an equal number of young girls (a couple of toddlers and at least three teenagers,
including one who was the sister of one of my friends. Apparantly, she babysat in the afternoons
for one of the young boys in ther class and one of her duties was to bring his to swim lesson. I saw that she recognized me and I went crimson from head to toe.
During class, while we were using flutter boards, the instructor would adjust our bodies so that were kicking correctly.
Her hand went under water and brushed up from my upper thigh,
across my balls and penis and on to my stomach. Even at nine, I felt something I didn't understand going on in my crotch. After class, something even worse occurred.
As I was in the locker room, still naked and facing my locker, I felt a hand on my shoulder and someone said,"Is that you,
Reinhard -------?
" I turned around to discover that the hand belonged to my piano teacher, Mrs. Grabansky.
I was mortified. She said something to me about how nice it was to know that
I was in the same class as her son, patted me on bare ass and moved on. I can't remember how long the classes went on -- it seemed like forever.
But if was pretty much the same routine evry time. And even though I did learn to swim,
I resented the humiliation I felt.
One day, swhen my couraged was up,I recall asking the instructor if the girls were naked when they learned to swim,
and could I come watch? She patted my shoulder.
"Oh, no. The girls don't swim naked. And no visitors are allowed during their lessons.
They wouldn't like it and besides it wouldn't be right." Are there any other old duffe

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Post 8-12: Disney film







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まさかね まさかな事をあるショタが言ってた
「この国のお偉い人って 私の知り合いから
武器を買ってください どうぞよろしく な人なの?」

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 確かにね 今の日本の状況でも

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